Upscale Portable Restrooms Complete VIP Events

Seattle, Washington – July 16, 2014 – Kings of the NFL, jewels by Tiffany & Co., entertainment by Platinum Portable Restroom Seattle Seahawks VIP EventUsher, spectacular venue at Seattle’s EMP Museum, and VIP restrooms by Royal Restrooms®. Top-tier performers across industries assembled for the crowning of a victorious football season when the Seattle Seahawks players received their Super Bowl XLVIII Championship rings in a private ceremony.

The right choice of luxury portable restrooms adds a polished finishing touch to exclusive events and VIP areas. Upscale portable bathrooms should match the caliber of the special event and offer guests superior restroom service through fully functioning, quality bathroom fixtures and choice amenities:

  • Flushing Porcelain Toilets
  • Sinks with Running Water
  • Air Conditioning & Heat
  • Lighted Vanities with Mirrors
  • Premium Toiletries
  • Bathroom Attendants

Royal Restrooms of Washington answered the call for the Seahawks’ private event with a premium Luxury Portable Restrooms luxury portable restroom trailer. The Platinum Royal Restroom is often requested for first class events because of it’s more elaborate features like oak cabinetry, hardwood floors, select décor, and stereo systems. Royal Restrooms create the regal portable restroom experience™ for event guests, topping off restroom visits with individually wrapped, signature butter mints on granite counter tops.

Royal Restrooms is a nationwide, leading rental provider of luxury portable bathroom trailers and shower trailers. Each office is independently owned and operated. For more information about luxury portable restroom service through Royal Restrooms of Washington or other nationwide rental offices, please visit or request a quote from your nearest Royal Restrooms location.

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Celebrating Luxury Portable Restrooms in Washington State

Seattle, Washington – March 25, 2014 – As Royal Restrooms Management Corporation celebrates ten years in business, recognition goes to the people responsible for building and delivering a brand that symbolizes excellence across many industries.

Congratulations to Jayne and Max Van Vleck, local owners and operators of Royal Restrooms of Washington. Known for their high service standards, over the top rental setups, and close attention to detail, the Van Vlecks are recognized for their success in developing a prestigious brand reputation within their community.

Luxury Portable Restrooms in Washington

Luxury portable restrooms for every outdoor special event.

Service First with Luxury Portable Restrooms

The Van Vlecks are seasoned event professionals in the luxury portable restroom industry. They’re experts who provide a unique and knowledgeable perspective to the necessary side of every outdoor event. Working closely with their clients, the team customizes restroom solutions to meet the customer’s specific requests.

Washington Luxury Portable Restrooms

Luxury portable restrooms at custom setup for special event.

Glowing client reviews reveal much about the Van Vlecks’ commitment to service and what new customers can look forward to when contacting Royal Restrooms of Washington. Stacy Kvam of SK Wedding and Event Design says, “It is always such a pleasure to work with you. I love your restrooms, your service, and appreciate all that you do to make my client’s event a success. It takes a village and I’m always happy to recommend Royal Restrooms!”

The Real Luxury in Portable Restrooms

Royal Restroom guests can expect a Regal Portable Restroom Experience™ with every visit. From private, spacious stalls to the company’s signature butter mints on granite counter tops, every detail of the luxury portable restroom is designed to provide guests with a comfortable and memorable experience.

The Van Vlecks take great pride in presenting a quality, pristine, and beautifully decorated luxury portable restroom at special events. The end result is notable among guests and event professionals alike. Brad Camp of Olympic Photo Group says“…These [Royal Restrooms] facilities are top shelf with running water, air conditioning, and many amenities. I have seen these used at several of the weddings I document, and by far they truly add to the experience.”

Luxury Portable Restrooms in Washington

Detail is part of the luxury portable restroom experience.

Many thanks to our local Royal Restrooms supporters, partners, and clients, and many thanks to Jayne and Max Van Vleck for your commitment to excellence.

Experience the difference with Royal Restrooms of Washington. Contact Jayne at (206) 816-5406 for an event consultation or request a quote here.

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Outdoor Evening Events Need Lighted Portable Restrooms

If you’ve ever used a traditional porta potty, it was likely not the most pleasant or ideal outdoor bathroom interior lights in portable restroom trailerexperience. Enter one of them at dark, if you dare, and you’ll see (or not see, rather) that the undertaking just got considerably more daunting, if not frightening. There is a literal brighter side with Royal Restrooms lighted portable bathroom trailers.

Evening events are in a class all their own. Whether planning a festive night concert or an intimate evening wedding, Royal Restrooms are the best solution for any type of event. The restrooms are well lit inside and out, and they fully function just like your bathroom at home with flushing toilets and sinks with water. See more restroom amenities.

Bright interior lighting shows off a beautifully decorated restroom, complete with wall hangings and flowers, and is perfect for touching up makeup in a large mirror. Exterior lights illuminate the trailer’s stairs for safe entry, while lighted occupancy indicators are easy to read and take the guesswork out of the bathroom’s availability.

lighted portable restrooms at evening eventWhen Microsoft recently hosted nearly 2,000 guests one evening at the Paine Field Air Museum (Everett, WA), Royal Restrooms responded with luxury mobile restrooms that filled a functional need as well as enhanced the event’s ambience. Requests from Microsoft three years in a row for Royal Restrooms service at their annual event is evidence of quality outdoor restrooms and impeccable service by Max and Jayne Van Vleck, Owners/Operators of Royal Restrooms of Washington. Read customer reviews of portable restrooms and service.

Royal Restrooms are the nation’s leading upscale mobile restrooms and shower trailers, available from Washington State to Florida. Contact Jayne in Washington at (206) 816-5406 for more information or locate your nearest Royal Restrooms office here.

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Portable Restroom Blog Meets Portable Restroom Vlog

In the world of blogging, the only thing better than blogging about luxury portable restrooms is featuring a vlog about the them. When sitting down to blog about the Royal Restrooms utilized at VloggerFair 2013 in Seattle, we were determined and very happy to run across one attendee’s vlog featuring the best VloggerFair subject matter yet, Royal Restrooms!

Not Your Typical Portapotty

Royal Restrooms are luxury mobile restroom trailers designed for outdoor events of any style, size and duration and ideal for indoor events in need of temporary supplemental restrooms. Youtube’s HarleyLittleHound lives up to her reputation of ‘Keepin’ it Real’ and presents her regal portable restroom experience in a very real and unbiased fashion while vlogging from the women’s restroom.

Royal Restroom Comments & Rental Requests Welcome!

Kudos to the owners and operators of Royal Restrooms of Washington, Jayne and Max VanVleck, for providing beautiful restroom trailers for the VloggerFair. Many thanks to HarleyLittleHound for featuring us on her youtube channel! Have a video or comment about Royal Restrooms you’d like to share? Comment on this blog and let us hear from you!

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