Vintage Series Austin, Texas


Royal Restrooms is all about staying ahead of the curve.  From the beginning, we set the bar that changed what is now considered the standard in portable restroom trailers.  Our half bath restroom trailer provides a vintage vibe with a modern twist.  It doesn’t just blend in, it stands out!  After almost 20 years in the industry, we do know a thing or two about restrooms.


As a new year begins, we are unveiling, in Austin, Texas,  the next generation in portable restroom elegance, the Vintage Series Restroom by Royal Restrooms.  This jaw-dropping trailer will enhance any event with its curved smooth exterior finish which brings a delight to the guests that continues when they see the stunning interior.  The ambient blue lighting reflects off the mirrored stainless steel creating a draw that leaves people asking, “what is that?”. With cosmetic details like raised sink bowls, counter tops in granite and a stunning gold interior, guests quickly forget they are in a portable restroom.

Event Restrooms in the past have always been placed hidden in the corner, but this little beauty is no photo bomb…it’s a star all by itself.  With the new Vintage Series by Royal Restrooms, the restroom can now be included into the scenery to create a photogenic atmosphere.  As with any event, the restroom is a place where women go to freshen up their makeup and gossip about the night, and men go to check on the score of the game.  Add in a few high-top tables around the Vintage Series Restroom and you have created another gathering place at your event where your guests can have a cocktail, cigar, or catch up with friends. All the details of the Vintage Series Restroom were created to be a shining display at your life’s events.

Of course, there are plenty of restroom trailer options, but Royal Restrooms not only holds itself to higher standards, but we consider you family.  The Vintage Series Restroom stands above the competition with its showcase of classic elegance and cutting-edge ingenuity.  The shiny exterior brings about new reflections and changes the perception of how event restrooms are utilized.  This new and unexpected concept can totally elevate the guest experience.

With all of our awards, we know that the Vintage Series Restroom is “Red Carpet” ready.  Our team knows events, and we know that with this new addition to our fleet, we will be #trending@yourevent.

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