Vintage Series Georgia


Trendsetting is what Royal Restrooms is all about.  From its earliest days, Royal Restrooms set the bar that changed what is now considered the standard in portable bathroom trailers.  Our private half-bath restroom trailer provided a modern touch of class that propelled us into the 21st century.  We elevated the guest experience and any special event just by sitting over in the corner.  With literally millions of uses we know a thing or two about all things considered “bathroom”.


We are now excited to introduce the next generation in portable restroom elegance, the Vintage Series Restroom  by Royal Restrooms.  This little beauty elevates any setting with its curved smooth exterior finish bringing the initial “wow” effect which continues with the functionality and style of the interior.  Low level blue lighting reflects off the mirrored stainless steel to create a captivating draw that leaves people asking “what is that?”. Cosmetic lighting raised sink bowls, granite counter tops and a golden interior quickly makes you forget that you are in a portable bathroom.

In the past, event restrooms at weddings were relegated to the far corner of the venue, draped in a veil of tulle and secrecy.  With the Royal Restrooms Vintage Series Restroom, the bathroom can now be a blended focal point of any event.  Just like at any restaurant or private home, the bathroom becomes the place where women go to fix each other’s hair and gossip, and men go to, well, gossip as well.  A few high-top tables around a Vintage Series Royal Restroom, and it becomes the gathering place for a cocktail, a cigar, and catching up with friends.  Not meant to be tucked into a corner, every feature of the Vintage Series Restroom has been designed to be a member of your most important celebrations.

Now, we know that there are a lot of good restroom companies out there, but we pride ourselves in being great.  By all comparison, every other restroom provider has followed in our footsteps.  Our Vintage Series Restroom quickly gaps the competition with its classic elegance and cutting edge ingenuity.  Securing its own spotlight that further separates itself from all other event restroom trailers on the market.  It brings a new, exciting, and unexpected relevance to the event which will totally elevate the guest experience.

With the awards rolling in, we know that the Vintage Series is “Red Carpet” ready.  The team at Royal Restrooms knows events, and we also know that with this new addition to our fleet, we will be #trending@yourevent.

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